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Distracted driving is risky business

On Wisconsin roadways, distracted driving can take many forms. While most people are familiar with texting and driving, patrol officers have experienced everything from people changing their clothes, shaving, and even reading a book while they were attempting to drive. Sgt. Ryan Carpenter expressed, “There’s all kinds of distractions out there.”

The DOT recently reported that over the last five years, 97 people were killed and more than 10,000 were injured each year as a result of being distracted, or inattentive, behind the wheel. Chain-reaction crashes are a big problem that can happen as a result of inattentiveness. On busy interstates, if you aren’t paying attention and you need to brake, you’re likely to get into a rear-end crash. Even if you just take your eyes off the road for what feels like a brief moment, there can be severe consequences.

Whenever you’re operating your vehicle, do your best to avoid using your cellphone, eat or drink anything, or adjust the radio.