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Wisconsin Failure to Yield Course Online

Wisconsin Failure to Yield Course

Things You Should Know

Anyone who receives a failure to yield traffic citation is required to attend a Wisconsin Failure to Yield Course. Regardless of whether you were involved in a crash or not, this course is mandatory if you receive this type of ticket.

Wisconsin Failure to Yield Course Online: 

Attending the online failure to yield course is convenient for anyone who would prefer to satisfy the State requirements from the comfort of their home.

If your driving privilege has been suspended, you will not be eligible to have it reinstated until you have successfully completed a Failure to Yield Course.

4 Easy Steps to

Meet the Wisconsin Failure to Yield Requirement

1. Enroll Online

The first step is to enroll online. The registration is easy and fast. Start the course in under 5 minutes!

2. Take the Course

The course includes only 4 Chapters, each with reviews and mini-quizzes that follow to help prepare you for the final test.

3. Pass the Easy Exam

With unlimited test retakes, you will be able to pass the final course easily.

4. Drive at Ease

Take the course, pass the test and we’ll submit your completion to the Wisconsin DMV.


How do I know that I need to take a Failure To Yield course?

If you received a failure to yield traffic violation, you are required to take the Failure to Yield course. Typically, the state of Wisconsin will send you a letter instructing you to complete an approved course to satisfy the requirement.

How long does it take for the course completion status to update with the state?

Once you’ve completed the course, your completion status will be sent to the state and updated in their records within approximately 24-48 hours.

How long do I have to complete a Failure to Yield course after getting the citation?

You must complete the course within 1 year of receiving a failure to yield violation. However, if your license is suspended, you need to take the course within 2-6 months. It’s easy to forget, so complete it sooner rather than later!

What happens if someone commits a failure to yield violation and doesn’t attend the course?

Taking the course is state requirement. If you do not attend the course and get another violation, the courts may take action against you.

Do I need to take the Wisconsin Failure to Yield Online Course all at once?

You can start and stop the course whenever you want. The course will keep track of the time you’ve spent, as well as where you’ve left off. This makes it convenient for anyone’s schedule.

Is there a final exam?

There is a final exam with 25 questions. To pass the Failure to Yield Course, you must score an 80%. However, the test questions aren’t challenging — they’re mainly common sense! Plus, there are unlimited retries.

How do you verify who is taking the course?

Before the course, you will be asked a few personal validation questions. In each chapter, you will be asked to answer one of the personal validation questions so that we can make sure that you’re the one who is taking the course.

My license got suspended because I was in a crash where someone got injured. How do I get my license reinstated?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to speed up the process. You must wait out the process and have taken the failure to yield course before you can get your license reinstated.

How do I know if my license is suspended due to a failure to yield violation?

If your violation resulted in bodily harm, great bodily harm or death to another, your driving privilege will be suspended:

  • ​Bodily harm: 2 month Suspension
  • Great bodily harm: 3 Month Suspension
  • Death to another person: 9 Month Suspension
Wisconsin Failure to Yield Online Course

Failure to Yield the Right of Way Ticket Penalties

  • Depending on your offense, your traffic citation can cost $130-280
  • You are required by the state of Wisconsin to attend the 2-hour Failure to Yield course
  • You will likely receive 4 demerit points

Attending the state mandated course does not remove demerit points or eliminate the traffic fines for the violation.